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Family takes possession of first Meadowlark property

OSOYOOS — It was a morning of celebration Friday as the Town of Osoyoos, home builders and — most importantly of all — a young family that took possession of their new home met in the new Meadowlark Place subdivision. “It’s the first home that people are taking possession of,” said Hart Buckendahl, president of Ellcar Construction. His company is developing 27 units on 26 lots, including four properties designated for sale under the Town of Osoyoos’ near-market housing program. “It’s more modern. It’s what you would see in Vancouver and Kelowna,” Mr. Buckendahl said of the unit. “They average about 2,200 to 2,300 sq. ft.” He added seven of the 27 units have already sold. Mr. Buckendahl attended with partner Dave Neufeld. Also on site for the ribbon-cutting were Mayor Sue McKortoff and real estate agent Eileen McGinn.
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Premier’s Tinhorn visit results
in $250,000 boost for wine industry

It was a good day to be part of the BC wine industry. Premier John Horgan took advantage of a late-afternoon stop at Tinhorn Creek Winery, south of Oliver, to designate April as BC Wine Month and contribute $250,000 to wine production and marketing efforts in the province. “B.C. wineries enrich our communities, attracting tourism to our province and opening up employment opportunities,” said Premier Horgan, travelling with Lana Popham, his agricultural minister, and Miles Prodan, president and CsEO of the BC Wine Institute. “B.C. Wine Month is our chance to raise a glass in celebration of our delicious local wines, and the hardworking people who make them.” The province is contributing $100,000 to the BC Wine Institute to help in the promotion of B.C. wine to British Columbians. An additional $150,000 is earmarked for Destination British Columbia to market wine tour opportunities. Much of that effort is expected to be focused on Asian markets. China and Tai…
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Top Spring Breakfast Spots

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